“Yvonne Kjorlien proofed and edited a technical archaeobotany report for me recently.  Despite a tight deadline, she provided rapid, comprehensive feedback, and caught numerous errors I had overlooked. I appreciate her professionalism, attention to detail, and flexibility in addressing my individual needs.  I recommend her services to anyone looking for technical report editing and writing.”

– R. Dickau, Ph.D. at HD Analytical Solutions, Inc.

“As the sole proprietor of a small business I learned to delegate tasks I don’t do well. For years I put up with generic intake forms and was missing many others I needed, because I lacked the time and inclination to design & develop them. Yvonne took parts of multiple ideas that I liked and pulled those together into professional, personalized forms that I regret having taken so long to get made. She was also able to take in many cases my vague ideas on other projects and turn out exactly what I wanted but had difficulty articulating. Yvonne’s help has been instrumental in allowing me to focus my time on what I do best, being with patients in my clinical practice. Her work has always been on time and exceeded my expectations.”

– H. Thompson, B.P.E, R.Ac., R.TCM.P., DTCM (p) at Conscious Path

“Yvonne has assisted me as a senior writer and editor on several of my professional reports. Not only is she attentive to deadlines and timelines, but she is also both responsive and flexible, qualities that are very necessary in my consulting business. I have found her professional standards, ethics and conscientious approach to her work to be without parallel.”

– S. Labour, Owner, Northern Relations Ltd.

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